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You may have heard before that furnaces last an average of 15 to 20 years. As a homeowner, you may think that means you can sit back, relax, and not think about your home’s primary source of heat for at least another decade.

The reality is that it’s up to you (and your Dickson HVAC technician) to support your heating system. From time to time, your furnace is going to need new parts and a tune-up to continue running efficiently. The first step is to schedule a furnace inspection.

How often do you need a furnace inspection in a city like Dickson, TN? Read on to find out.

The Benefit of an Annual Furnace Inspection

Let’s cut right to the chase: you should invest in a furnace inspection at least once a year. This is the case whether your furnace is gas or electric and whether it’s brand new or several years old. Let’s take a closer look at the benefit of an annual furnace inspection.

Smarter Maintenance

Whether or not your furnace is an integrated part of your HVAC system, it’s in use or sitting stagnant and outdoors all year round. A furnace technician can spot any signs that your furnace needs an upgrade, even those that aren’t obvious to most homeowners. For example, while you might notice that something in your furnace has sprung a leak, you probably won’t notice a broken blower motor or clogged duct.

When a professional catches the early signs of a problem, they can often repair a part before it starts to cause residual damage. This can prevent the early need for a full furnace replacement, which can cost upwards of $2000. Smarter maintenance is the real secret to sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your HVAC for over a decade.

Lower Costs

We’ve already mentioned that a brand new furnace can cost over $2000 (and usually closer to $4000 or more). What you may not realize is that when your furnace stops running properly, you can start to lose money to the creeping cost of rising energy bills.

Each year, homeowners are losing a collective $15.3 billion to underperforming HVACs. In fact, you might be one of the 20% of homeowners paying an average of $883 more than you should for home heating and cooling. Given that an annual inspection can cost as little as $80, investing in furnace servicing is worth the money.

What Happens If You Skip Your Furnace Inspection?

There are a lot of potential repercussions for skipping your annual furnace inspection. One of the biggest is the sudden loss of heat in the middle of winter. We may be past the holidays, but we won’t see the return of warmer weather here in Dickson until March at the earliest.

Skipping your furnace inspection can also create an unexpected health hazard. At best, you might find your indoor air quality deteriorating thanks to the trapped debris in dirty ducts. At worst, you might end up with a carbon monoxide leak that can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, and even fatalities.

It may seem tempting to skip your annual inspection of a year-old furnace, but this isn’t in your best interest, either. Most warranties include a clause that any damage caused by neglect will void the warranty for good. Plus, improper installation of a new furnace can lead to energy inefficiency, undue wear and tear, and other expensive problems.

Is DIY Furnace Servicing a Good Idea?

A furnace technician can accomplish a lot during your annual inspection, including (but not limited to):

  • Checking vents for blocks or leaks
  • Analyzing combustion gases
  • Checking the heat exchanger for rust and corrosion
  • Testing for proper burner ignition
  • Checking wiring for corrosion and damage
  • Testing the thermostat for accuracy

If you know how to do these things, you may be able to get away with your own furnace inspection. However, it’s also important to consider what you’ll do if you need to repair or replace a part. Furnace technicians have many of the basic furnace components on hand for quick replacement and can often order other parts at a discounted price, saving you money and effort.

Signs You Need Impromptu Furnace Servicing

Just like¬†you may need emergency AC repair, you may find that you can’t wait until your next annual appointment to schedule furnace servicing. Here are some of the signs that you should call a furnace technician ASAP.

Rising Bills

It’s normal for electric bills to rise a bit in the summer and winter, when you’re relying most on your HVAC system. However, if you’re seeing an unusual increase during the winter months, it’s worthwhile to have someone check out your heating system. Something as simple as a broken thermostat could be contributing to inefficient heating.

Inconsistent Heat

Inconsistent heat and rising bills often go hand in hand, but you might notice inconsistent heat first. For example, your heat might turn on and off several times a day without explanation or you might find cold spots throughout your home regardless of your thermostat settings. This can mean a number of things, but it often means you need your filters cleaned or a new thermostat installed.

Recent Bad Weather

We’ve seen one bad tornado come through the Nashville area this winter. Because most HVAC systems have outdoor components, you may want to have them inspected after bad storms hit your neighborhood. This can mitigate any unexpected problems and ensure that you have reliable heat for the rest of the winter (and reliable cooling in the summer).

Schedule Your Dickson Furnace Inspection With Tidwell & Sons

An annual furnace inspection might seem excessive to a new homeowner, but it yields a lot of significant results. From protecting your utility bill to keeping your home safe and warm, the annual furnace inspection is a must.

Are you ready to schedule your next furnace inspection in Dickson, TN? Tidwell & Sons is a trusted and family-owned HVAC business with over 15 years of experience in the Dickson area. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your furnace and set up your next inspection.

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