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Winters in Tennessee are beautiful but cold, too! January tends to be the coldest, with an average temperature of 38.7° F.

You won’t want to freeze this winter. Luckily, you won’t have to if you prepare your HVAC system for the winter in Dickson, TN.

So how do you do that?

Continue reading to learn the top ways to prepare your HVAC system for winter. 

Change Your Furnace Filter

Experts recommend checking your furnace filter every month. You won’t need to replace it monthly, but checking it is a good idea. 

You’ll only need to change it if it’s dirty.

This step is a routine part of HVAC maintenance. Keep a stock of furnace filters on hand. That way, you’ll have them when you need them. 

A furnace pulls in air from your home. It heats this air and sends it back into your home. As this occurs, the air processes through the filter, removing dirt and debris.

The result is a dirty furnace filter. When the filter gets too dirty, several things occur:

  • It sends dirty air through your home
  • It allows dirt into your furnace
  • It reduces airflow

Your furnace must work harder if it’s dirty. When the dirt impedes the airflow, your system might struggle to heat your home. 

Unblock Your Vents

A furnace uses the same vents as a central AC system. You won’t use these vents in the summer if you don’t have central AC. Therefore, you might need to move items blocking them at the end of the summer.

For example, you might place boxes, furniture, and other items on the vents. You must move these before winter. When it gets cold outside, you’ll need the air from every vent in your home. 

Work through every room in your home to ensure the vents aren’t blocked. 

Of course, if you have central air, you can skip this step. 

Get a Tune-Up and Cleaning

HVAC companies also recommend preparing a furnace by getting services. The two primary services you need are a tune-up and cleaning. An HVAC company can perform both of these at the same time.


A tune-up is a process designed to ensure your system is running properly. A technician checks and evaluates every part. They grease the components and replace any worn-out parts. 


HVAC cleaning removes dirt and buildup from the system. It’s designed to help a system run more efficiently. It also reduces the dirt spread through your home when the system runs.

Tune-ups and cleanings provide several benefits. It helps your system operate more efficiently. It also helps you avoid breakdowns. 

You’ll save money on your heating bills from these services. 

Getting an annual tune-up is vital for your system’s operations. If you get this every year, your system will operate more efficiently. It also helps you avoid needing emergency HVAC services

Clean the Vents

Cleaning the vents and ductwork is also helpful for preparing your HVAC system. Heating companies perform these services and can do it during a tune-up.

Cleaning the vents provides several benefits. The primary benefit is it improves airflow in your home. When air fights through debris, it restricts the flow. 

Additionally, duct cleaning reduces allergens in your home. You’ll have a safer home environment from this service. You’ll also have a cleaner home. 

You may also ask the heating company to check your air ducts for leaks. Leaks in ducts allow air to escape, making it more difficult to heat your home. 

Get a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat tells your furnace when to turn on and off. As you can imagine, it’s an essential component of your HVAC system. But thermostats come in different types.

You can have a traditional thermostat, which you must adjust when you want to change the settings. Another option is a digital programmable thermostat. You can program these types, making it easier to stay comfortable.

Another option is a smart thermostat. Consider upgrading to this type if you don’t have one yet. A heating company can replace yours for you if you want one.

A smart thermostat helps you feel comfortable all the time while helping you conserve energy. You can program these thermostats to adjust temperatures at certain times.

One key aspect of smart thermostats is you can control them when you’re not home. You can set up an app to adjust the temperature when you’re away. 

This feature is helpful when you forget to turn the heat down before leaving your home. Heating companies can help you choose the right thermostat. They’ll also explain the features they offer.

Seal Your Home

Heat can escape from your home. If this happens, your home might feel colder than it should. You’ll also spend more money trying to heat your home.

Sealing your home is a great step to help prevent heat loss. You should hire a heating company to help with this step. But you can also try to do it yourself.

The ultimate goal is to ensure your home is leak-free. Where is the air leaking? If you can find the areas, you can seal them to stop the air from leaking. 

Test the HVAC System

Finally, test your system before winter strikes. You can test it by turning the thermostat to heat. Then, feel the vents to ensure they’re blowing warm air.

If you discover problems when testing the system, hire an HVAC company for help. The HVAC company can determine the problem and fix it before winter strikes. 

You might test it and find that it runs fine. However, you should still consider getting a tune-up and cleaning before winter. These steps can make a big difference. 

Seek Professional HVAC Services

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We can help you get your HVAC system ready for winter. The result will be comfort and warmth all winter long.

We also offer other HVAC services, including air conditioner repair and furnace replacement. You can also request a free furnace estimate for repairs or services.

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